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Kenneth Gregg

This is a translated article from the Swedish newspaper Nongrata. Click here for the original article.

Today, our reporter Kenneth Gregg was restricted from publishing an update on Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. Due to his restriction, Nongrata has chosen to publish the update in its entirety.


[08-04-2023, at 9:24 PM] – Nongrata’s editor-in-chief Jannik Svensson got in contact with one of Facebook’s employees from the Meta Support Pro department, who requested information.

[09.04.2023, kl 07.00 (approx)] – Facebook has lifted the limitation.

Kenneths post 08.04.2023

Russia has deployed its most elite forces to Bakhmut in order to support Wagner. The country is now focusing its efforts on intense urban combat, which continues unabated. We are strategically withdrawing one street at a time, having shifted our tactics to laying mines in the positions we abandon. Additionally, our artillery is poised to strike when necessary.

Our artillery employs so-called ”mine worms.” In this video, we can see what a detonation of this kind looks like.

The objective of the Russians’ winter offensive was to capture the remaining territories in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts by seizing Lyman, Avdiivka, Kramatorsk, and Sloviansk. However, they have only managed to make minimal progress around Bakhmut.

In Avdiivka, we have launched an attack to the north of the city, pushing slightly into Russian-occupied territory and now posing a threat to encircle a portion of their flank.

Many have inquired about the defensive strategies the Russians might employ when we initiate our offensive. To understand this, it is crucial to first comprehend the Soviet military doctrine that the Russians currently adhere to. This doctrine proposes four layers of defense, with the front line consisting of poorly trained soldiers whose primary mission is to inflict maximum casualties before the second line is reached.

In the rearmost line, line four, elite troops are tasked with closing any gaps that the attacker manages to breach.

At present, Russia has established these defensive lines solely around Donetsk. They are frantically attempting to prepare similar lines in Zaparozhzhia but are running out of time. In areas where they seek to mount an offensive, their defensive lines are virtually non-existent.

Should the weather remain dry, I predict that our attack will commence in two weeks.

Slava Ukraini!

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